• A Sipper Bottle filled with love

    As the temperature increases, so does the need to consume something fresh, chilled and hydrating. A body also has a temperature which it has to maintain in order to function properly. During summers, we observe our body temperature rising quite easily due to constant perspiration, decreasing level of water in our body and heat around us. Whenever the body temperature rises, we have to cool it down by supplying it with cooling drinks and water. People can be seen carrying a sipper bottle when going out on a walk or to their gym for a work out. Such sipper bottles can be customized with name of a person, logo, symbols, designs and even photos of people. If you have plans of purchasing a gift for someone special then you can surprise them with a special water bottle.

    To give a customised bottle to a loved one as a gift during this summer season will be like telling them that you love and care for them. What can be a more loving gesture than ensuring that they always have a supply of fresh drinking water? It will give the receiver tremendous joy upon receiving such a thoughtful item. It will make them feel cared for. You can have a personal message printed on that water bottle with something along the lines of, “You are special”, “Stay hydrated” or you can have their name printed in a beautiful font. Anything given with pure intentions is bound to be received with love and when it’s something carrying a customized message on it, then it becomes an absolute heart winner. You can give this item to a person of any age, even if it is just a school going child.  

    Unlike older times, or in other words, before the era of internet shopping, it was very difficult to obtain any special items. People had to travel long distances, even go to different cities in order to get their hands on an item exclusive to a particular place. In order to impress someone truly, a person had to go out of their way to make that happen. If you were to buy a scarf made in one part of the country in older times, then it meant physically traveling to that place. However, in current times, it is not like that. Fortunately, we have means available now for accomplishing difficult tasks. You can purchase a sipper online these days and even get it personalized without even getting out of your chair. Now isn’t that something? It’s just a reminder of how far we have come.

    Water bottles are also used for storing fruit infused tea and water. You can brew some iced tea inside an infusing water bottle and enjoy it on the go. Since everybody has different bodily requirements, water bottles are made available on online printing stores in various liquid holding capacities. They are also available in metal, steel and plastic bodies. For your kid’s next birthday party, take notes from her. Make sure to send every kid home with a customized sipper as a return birthday gift!

  • Custom Stickers To Bring Joy in Your Life

    Decoration can drastically change the look of a place or a thing. A simple painting hanging on a wall can liven up a room with its bright colors and exquisite art style. Sometimes people buy expensive rugs, bed sheets and vases to make their space look extra-ordinary. But why waste so much money when you can brighten up your walls with some custom made stickers? Yes, stickers are not merely objects of fascination for little kids but they can be pretty useful in decoration. You can place them anywhere and transform the look of that item or place completely. Some people also like to decorate their vehicles like their bicycles, motor bikes and cars with printed stickers. Being a car owner, you can buy some printed car stickers online from a printing website specializing in such services.

    Anyone can purchase some pretty looking custom stickers online in India by simply searching for a printing website. Stickers are plenty useful and a person can buy them for various purposes. Some of those purposes are listed below:

    Pasting on Notebooks 

    When we purchase books and notebooks for our school work, we are supposed to cover them with a plastic or paper sheet to protect them from getting damaged. Upon that cover, we paste stickers to write our names and other crucial details like our contact information (in case we lose that notebook somewhere). We can get these stickers custom made to bear designs of our choice on them. They can also have photos printed of our face on them. Other forms of decorative stickers can also be pasted on our notebooks. 

    Decorating Room 

    Different designs of stickers can be used to decorate a room. If a person is fond of traveling and wishes to travel the entire world then they can get a sticker shaped like the continents of the world. You can paste it on the wall of your bedroom, just above the bed or paste it in your living room right behind your sofa to give a good view to your visitors. 

    Marking Objects 

    You can have some stickers printed with names of objects. You can use such stickers to mark containers in your kitchen and to mark other appliances at home. Such stickers will be beneficial in letting a user know what a particular box contains within. It will be extremely beneficial for a new cook to identify ingredients in the kitchen by reading the label outside the box. You can also put a sticker outside your door with a “Do not disturb” sign on it. Young kids can be taught to identify items by putting markings in the form of stickers. 

    Business Promotion 

    A company can use printed stickers for promoting their brand and increasing its reach.

    Writing wishes

    You can paste stickers on gift boxes to write wishes on them for the gift recipient. 

    Any form of sticker can be purchased from an online printing store at super affordable rates. You can purchase some from an online printing store such as Printland.in and enjoy using them everywhere!

  • Take Some Time Out and Buy Gifts for Kids

    There are many duties that a parent has to fulfil towards their child. Other than nurturing them, providing and caring for them, a parent also has to ensure the happiness and well-being of a child. It including tending to their needs, indulging them into fun activities, taking their time out to play with them and also buying them some presents once in a while or whenever they feel like. If you are unsure about what to buy, then purchasing personalized gifts for kids is a good option to be considered. You will be able to buy some wholesome gift items with their name printed on it. They will be delighted to learn about a gift item with their own name printed on it. 

    There is a plethora of gift items that one can buy as a customized gift for kids. When encountered with a doubt, you can break down items into different categories and pick an item which closely matches what you have in your mind. You can make a selection based upon the following ideas:


    The best thing that you can buy for your kids can be clothes. They are the most practical gift items and everyone loves receiving clothes, including adults. There is nothing like the feel of a new fabric on our skins. For your young kids, you can get printed t-shirts with some cute designs. As for your teenage kids, you can ask them what kind of things they are into, what they are passionate about and then, incorporate those things into a design to be printed over a hoodie, sweat shirt or even a t-shirt. It will be a great bonding exercise with your kids.


    Kids from today’s generation learn to use gadgets as soon as they begin to hold objects. Using electronic gadgets comes as naturally to them like walking, eating or basically doing any other thing. For such gizmo freaks, you can buy customized items like head phones and fitness bands printed with their names on it.

    Tech Accessories 

    Accessories for their gadgets can also be given a fresh look with customization. You can add the name and photo of your kid on an item. You can also add a personal message for them on such items. Some of the things that you can buy includes, pen drives, pen with pen drive, mouse pad, mobile covers, pop mobile holders, laptop skins, etc. 


    Besides the above mentioned items you can also buy things for them which they can use for their school and coaching classes like printed pens, notebooks, diaries, school bags, sling bags, stickers, mugs, water bottles, face masks and so on. 

    There are other items too like badges, clocks, watches, calendars, organizers, posters, photo rocks, cushion covers and laptop bags. You can buy such gift items without burning a hole in your pocket by purchasing them from an online printing store. Such stores are able to offer their customers some amazing offers and designs. You can take advantage of them too at the earliest!

  • Bring Joy In Your Life With Badge Printing

    As we grow up, we often end up forgetting about things that made us giggle with joy as a child. In the race of moving ahead and leaving everyone behind, we end up leaving behind some fond memories too. The very things which used to give us a sense of pleasure are tucked deep inside and lost to collect dust with time. That is what essentially means when one says “to let your inner child die”. It is sad to see the same joyous kids grow up into some shallow adults devoid of any kind of happiness. A close link to our childhoods can be found in the badges which we used to wear on any sort of occasions. By using badge printing, you can find a way to get teleported to the carefree days of your life. 

    During those times, there used to a scarcity of items. Some of the things we could buy from a local shop and sometimes, we had to rely on DIY methods. With our little pocket monies, we could not afford to buy expensive items. In order to fulfil our wishes of having a badge of our own, we used to make them using ribbons and even paper. Our school teachers used to make us prepare badges for competition winners sometimes. It was also their way of teaching us some art. Metal badges were a luxury and not everyone had them back in those days. These tiny pieces of attachments used to attract our attention. Watching our school head boy and head girl wearing a printed badge of their own used to be a thing of envy among students. Those badges had a charm to them because they were earned with hard work, sincerity and discipline.

    Cut to present times, they are selling like hot cakes. They are available in abundance over offline as well as online stores. There is no need to make peace with whatever is being offered to us on a few stores. We can browse many websites and at the end, choose what draws our attention. If you are still unsatisfied with the kind of designs being presented on your screen then you can take the liberty of creating your own designs, most suitable to your liking. They are very much affordable too. You can now buy even a hundred of them without burning a hole in your pocket. You can buy them for all your friends and surprise them all at once.

    You may not have the luxury of getting badges printed with designs of your choice buy who is stopping you now? You can buy them from an online store such as Printland.in in shapes like round, square, oval and rectangular. There is no limit on the number of occasions upon which you can wear them. Whether you wish to wear them on your clothes or your bags, they will equally look good on both surfaces. Holi, Diwali, Eid or Christmas; they are suitable for every occasion. You can inquire more about these badges by getting in touch with this printing store.

  • Custom Badges and memories“attached” to them

    Our childhood memories are filled with a mix of happy and sad events. Each happy memory gave us a reason to cherish them for many years to come and the sad ones gave us an opportunity to reflect on our past mistakes and also, to learn from our previous miscalculations. However, the happy memories are usually the ones we recall the most. Among many happy events of our life, most are stemmed in our childhoods. Those were the days of innocence when we had no care of the world around us. One of the joyful days included waking up on Independence Day to go to school. Our mothers used to get us dressed in our school uniforms. We used to look so neat and sharp wearing our custom badges to celebrate the occasion with pride.

    Badge printing wasn’t a thing during those days so, our parents had to rely on what was available on the local shops. There was no internet shopping either, hence the options were very limited. They used to buy whatever designs were visible in front of them. They had to choose the best out of them because there were no options of creating custom made designs. Now that we have the services of internet and online shopping at our disposal, we can utilize them to create magnificent things. Online printing stores make it possible for us to buy badges of any shape and any design that we might like. Earlier, custom made badges used to be created by hands in order to get a desired design but this process has shifted online and it is much less time consuming and efficient.

    Customized badges can be created from an online printing store such as Printland.in for any number of reasons. However, there are some common reasons to buy them. They are as following:

    • Students are the most frequent consumers of printed badges. Whether they are school going or studying in a college, students can be seen wearing metal badges on various occasions like festivals, days of national significance, competitions, volunteering events, annual day, and even to represent the group they belong to.
    • Some young kids like to wear them just for fun. They can get cartoon characters printed on their badges or even their own names printed on them. They can attach them on their t-shirts and bags.
    • People also wear badges to show support towards a particular group. For instance, during elections, people can be seen wearing badges with the symbol of a political party they favor.
    • Some people also wear them as a declaration. You might have seen people from the LGBTQIA+ community wearing badges with a pride flag printed on it. Others wear it to simply show their support for the community.
    • People also wear them on occasions like birthdays.

    You can obtain badges in various shapes like square, oval, round and triangle. They can also be worn for promotion of a brand by the employees of that company. You can buy them in bulk too. Get some awesome designs made and flaunt them everywhere! 

  • Personalized Mug – a Heartwarming Gift For Your Loved Ones

    Attachment is something that is feared by most people. It can make a person vulnerable and put them in a fragile state. Forming an attachment can break a person’s heart but forming an attachment with things can be equally devastating. Among our most beloved items, mugs also find a spot. We spend majority of lives sipping our favorite beverages from our mugs. A mug secures a special place, not just in our kitchens but in our hearts too. Just like a living person becomes a part of our lives, in the same manner, mugs are capable of becoming dear to us. Buying a personalized mug can be a valuable addition to your kitchen.

    You can try mug printing services for creating some exquisite designs on your mugs. Often times, people are separated from their loved ones. It is a difficult for them to bear the thought of living far away from the people whom they adore the most. If you know someone from the army background, then you must be aware of the fact that they spend most of their time being away from their family members. If you will ask them then you will know the pain they endure each day from being separated from them while serving their country. Sometimes, they miss the birth of their children and their growing up years too. That is very hard for any parent. To give their aching hearts a little comfort, their partner can gift them a mug with the fingerprints of their children printed on it. This way, they will get to hold their little ones tiny hands (in the form of printed fingerprints) in their own hands every day. What a heart-warming gesture it would be!

    As for your little ones, you can buy a magic mug online for them to let them share the same sentiments for their parents. You can have the picture of their fondest memory printed over a magic mug. A memory which involves both their parents in it. A day they felt the most happiest and something they cherish the most. Upon pouring hot liquid, the mug will keep revealing that memory over and over. Such a touching way to keep the memory of someone treasured for years! Some of you may have received a personalized mug as a farewell gift from your juniors. It usually has a sentimental message scribbled or printed on it. It remains with us for the rest of our lives and whenever we get to see it again, those memories from our college days come back flooding. 

    You can create any number of printed mugs for the people you care for. They will be glad to receive such a gift item from you. Birthdays are the most commonly celebrated occasions all across the world. You can use them as an opportunity to express your admiration and love for loved ones in the form a photo printed mug. Unlike other gift items, they will be able to use them every single day. A beautiful way to stay in someone’s mind all the time.  

  • Personalized Mugs To Add To Your Shelves 

    Most households start their day with a fresh cup of morning tea or coffee. Some health conscious people also begin by consuming some warm milk or herbal tea. It is a worldwide accepted way of having breakfast. People can prefer to have heavy and elaborate breakfasts but to not include a dose of caffeine in it would be like committing a sin. School going young kids also enjoy their warm milk to get energized for the day and to strengthen their bones with a dose of calcium. You can buy personalised mugs to enjoy your favorite beverage of the day in the most fashionable way possible. Plain mugs can do a fine job but the beauty of a personalized mug is something that they cannot beat. 

    Our parents have being buying mugs and cups for us ever since our childhood. We have been using them without questioning their choices and they certainly have a right to pick whatever feels right to them. Now that some of us have moved out of our childhood homes and started living on our own, we are supposed to make all the choices. However tiny those decisions may seem, it is up to us to call the shots. Upon setting up your new kitchen, you can include a set of printed mugs in the list of items that you need to buy for your new home. You can get them custom printed with designs of your choice. You no longer have to rely upon the choices made by your parents. You can go on and have a distinguish style of your own. 

    To match with your personalized mugs, you should consider buying personalized coasters online. An item like a coaster is like a lid to a box. These are extremely helpful in guarding our unattended drinks and beverages in our absence. Especially in summers, when the chances of unwanted insects and flies falling into our open mugs are exceedingly high. The very thought of a fly inside a coffee mug is repulsive and disgusting. You certainly wouldn’t want that. Better invest in some beautiful coasters. They will not only keep your beverages safe but also look like a beautiful accessory for your mugs. You can make them match the aesthetics of your apartment. Beer mugs is another thing to include in your collection for having a fun drinking time with your buddies. You can get them printed with some funny one liners to have a laugh with your friends. A magic mug can also be purchased if you are fond of surprises. Usually parents like to buy such cute mugs for their children buy who said adults can’t have some fun too?

    Mugs are also given as gift items in corporate businesses. Employers can gift their staff members customized mugs with a quote on gratitude or motivation printed on them. Employees can also come up with an idea of getting a mug printed for their favorite boss. Custom printed mugs can be printed with many designs and can be gifted to people on various occasions. Why bother going out when you can purchase them online? 

  • Add A Classy Pen to Your Collection

    Among all the gift items that we consider purchasing all the time, the most timeless and classic of all among them has to be a pen. Due to their versatile nature, pens can be given as a gift item to just anyone. Since ages, we have been witnessing people exchanging them as presents to the most special people in their lives. We can imagine the importance of a pen just by recalling this ever famous saying, “A pen is mightier than a sword”. Histories have been written, changed or even influenced by the words written by pens. They are still as important in present times and people can be seen with modern versions of them these days. A customised pen can be a worthy item to have in your collection.

    Though one doesn’t require an occasion to buy gifts but if they do, they can always rely on the charms of a pen. Engraved pens in India have gained a widespread popularity. People of all ages enjoy using pens. Of course such items can be a little dangerous for really young babies but otherwise, these are pretty harmless to other age groups. Pens can be engraved with a name or logo to give them a little personal touch. They look elegant just the way they are but by getting them printed, it only adds to their existing beauty. As soon as a child is handed over pens to write with, you can get them their very own customized pen. They will write with a new found enthusiasm. Also, they will have something to flaunt among their school mates and friends.

    Pens are extremely useful for students of all kinds. They require them in abundance throughout their course of studies. It is a well-known fact that a student has to write a lot. It can be to take notes during a class, to write their homework or to write during an examination. When one has such grave need of something, they must buy them in abundant quantities. When purchasing from an online printing store such as Printland.in, customers can enjoy buying bulk quantities of pens at discounted rates. For writers, it is great news because they require pens for writing more than any other person does. They will save a lot of money by making an online purchase. They will also have a set of pens printed with their names.

    Pens can be gifted to someone on their birthday or during the time of their graduation. Both the occasions signify that a person is growing into a mature version of themselves. Such occasions call for wise gift items like pens. Pens can be purchased in materials like plastic, metal, steel, leatherite and wood. They also come attached with pen drives with a storage capacity between 4 GB to 32 GB. Some popular brands in which you can buy them includes Cello, Fuzo, Pierre Cardin, Sheaffer, Waterman, Nataraj, Parker, Luxor, Submarine, Legend, Cross, etc. You can choose to give them to someone close to you on occasions like Father’s Day, Christmas, Teachers’ Day and also on a New Year!

  • Give your kids Something Worth Remembering This Year

    If there is anything that makes kids happy other than your affection and attention towards them, then it has to be Gifts. Besides making them happy, gifts can also help in teaching kids some important life lessons and values. It is also better to present your young kids with tangible gifts instead of gifting them joy of experiences (like a trip to a theme park) because at earlier stages in their lives, the memory developing part of their brains hasn’t fully developed. It is most likely that they will forget about your trips to fun places accompanying them. What they won’t forget will be a soft fluffy toy or a puzzle item gifted to them at an early age. Their constant interaction with that toy will keep bringing joy to them. Personalised gifts for kids can help them remembering even after years that those toys once were a source of great comfort to them.

    The beautiful thing about personalized gifts for kids is that they are able to form an intimate connection with your child. Upon reading their name printed on a gift item like a lunch box, kids are able to associate that object belonging to them. They learn the sense of ownership and belongingness. Kids are also able to learn gratitude by receiving gifts. Parents can teach them to appreciate every big and small gift item. They can make them understand the sentimental value of receiving any item in the form of a gift. Being able to appreciate gift items of any size and monetary value will teach them to be more grounded. You can also teach them the joy of sharing and caring for others by asking them to pick gifts for their family and friends. They will feel delighted to be a part of the gift picking process. This will imbibe the virtues of generosity in their tiny hearts.

    We need to trust them in learning new things and picking good habits from a young age. When you plan to purchase a gift item from an online store next time, make sure to include them in the process. You will be able to teach them the value of money too. You can teach them how we can compare prices of same products online and use discount deals to save money. You can make them more thoughtful by showing them that different people have different likes and how we can be thoughtful in picking something that the recipient will like. Their school friends can be the people for whom you can teach them to make gift choices.

    For your own kids, you can buy some wonderful gift items that your little ones will be able to cherish in their growing years. You can buy some beautiful yet meaningful gifts for them. Like a printed mug with a family picture to show them that family is an important aspect of our lives. T-shirts and posters with “Love you mom/dad” messages can be a way to make them feel the sentiment of love for one’s parents. As a parent, you can choose the kind of values you want to teach your child through gift items.

  • Name Plate Design to Decorate your Doors With

    Monotony can eventually lead to boredom. Looking at similar things day after day, following the same routine every day can make a person feel trapped. When a situation like this arises, it’s better to break the monotony. One way to do it is by introducing a new element into that routine. For instance, if you are bored of the way things are arranged in your house then shifting them around or adding a new painting or a piece of furniture will make the place livelier. A new name plate design can be added to give a fresher feel to your house. There are other places too where you can put them besides the entrance of your house.

    If you too are in search of name plates for home then there is no better place for you to find them than an online printing store. Whether the place where you live in is a newly constructed building or an old house, there is a name plate design to suit each type. A house build with a modern style of architecture can be decorated with the latest designs of name plates. Preferably a metal or acrylic made name plate will add more splendor to the beautifully constructed place. A wooden or rock made name plate will be more suitable for a place which has a classic appeal to it. Wood has a quality about it that gives a place an old classy touch. People who are fond of old architectural designs understand the value of antique items and they usually prefer things made of wooden material.

    A name plate of any kind can be purchased without any difficulty from an online printing website. The job of a name plate is to help us in identifying a place but it can also help in identifying a person too. When we go to see a doctor at his clinic, we often see a name plate on his work desk with his name and designation printed on it. It helps in knowing what kind of a doctor they are. Similarly, if we are new at a place and we need to know which office belongs to which person then a name plate guides us in finding that out. We have been noticing them around us ever since we were a student in a school. Every time we were called inside the principal’s office, our eyes used to drift to the name plate resting on her desk. It used to have her name printed in big and clear words. It was only in our adulthood that we finally get a chance to use them.

    You can get a name plate design made from a store like Printland.in that has them available in materials like MDF wood, pine wood, metal, acrylic and rock. They have name plates in many wonderful designs and you can even create designs of your own by visiting their website. To inquire more about their products you can contact them by writing on their mailing address contactus@printland.in. Try shopping online this time to get desired results.

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